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About Us

Here you can see me in my element, speaking!

About Me

I grew up in Ontario, Canada and came to Germany when I was 16. I completed my physiotherapy training in Aalen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

After I completed my schooling, I moved to Frankfurt, where I have not stopped training since 2012. This training has helped me develop my philosophy of detailed case history and examination.

For a long time, I explicitly treated physical blockages and issues. Typically these are causes by significant stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep and/or an unbalanced diet. In the last few years, I have trained in the field of medical hypnosis and I have worked with clients who have experienced extreme fears, phobias, panic attacks and trauma. We have achieved amazing results together. During more than one session, I have seen people relieved of years of suffering and pain after just one session!

Lets work together on solutions for issues you may be experiencing!