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Anger Management

Anger Management

With inner anger, whether at work or within your own four walls, sooner or later an unpleasant outbreak can occur, which can express it’s self in very different ways. Hypnosis is a quick and effective way to be more at peace with yourself and the people around you. The root cause that leads to anger can already be identified during the first session.

Anger swallows up your energy, which leaves you feeling depleted when you need it for more important things. Like spending time with your family, enjoying your hobbies, or focusing on serious things at work. Feeling uncontrollably angry can lead to embarrassing reactions that we regret later on.

With hypnosis techniques, you can learn to keep your cool in situations that would normally trigger you. We also find out why you have developed this impulsive reaction, and how to free yourself of stored up anger. Together we can come up with a plan to create new habits that release that build up of pressure, before it can gather and explode.

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