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Classic Massage

Classic Massage

In classical massage, various techniques are used, which have been developed over many years. Normally at the beginning of the treatment, stroking is performed, which involves applying the whole hand to the patient’s body. The precise touch of the physiotherapist is slow and with constant pressure, which can also be done with the knuckle of the thumb, the fingertips or the dorsal side of the hand. Stroking can be very gentle, of medium strength, or quite strong and powerful.

After stroking comes the time for rubbing. This is an important healing element, especially for sprains, contusions, or adhesions. The idea is to rub the tissue being massaged. The therapist uses slow circular or half-moon movements. They can do it in a spiral (rotating motion) or locally.

Next, it is time for squeezing. This technique is used not only in classical massage, but also in sports massage or lymphatic drainage. The physiotherapist massages the selected part of the body with constant pressure.

Kneading lasts the longest; it can take up most of the treatment, depending on the tension of the muscle. During this time the physiotherapist grabs the muscle and tries to pull it away from the bone part; many people compare this activity to kneading dough. This is to improve the flexibility and circulation of the muscle.

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