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Connective Tissue Massage

Connective Tissue Massage

The connective tissue massage belongs to the so-called reflex zone massages and focuses on the back, thighs, sacrum and pelvic regions.

The aim is to use certain nerve stimuli to treat internal organs. Also to tighten the connective tissue and activate the metabolism. This means, the massage of different body zones influences the function of certain organs. For example, menstrual cramps can be soothed with these techniques. Connective tissue massage has a regulating and balancing effect on the nervous system. Local adhesions are loosened by the massage.

Through the so-called cutivisceral reflex, internal organs can be influenced by stimulation of the skin. The goal is to bring a balance of the interior of the body (e.g. organs, muscles, connective tissue, vessels). This is done with the help of a manual stroke, and pull technique, which starts with the skin, then goes deeper into the underlying connective, then fatty tissue.

A mechanical stimulus is triggered, which in turn influences the function of the organs. At the beginning of the connective tissue massage, the treatment can be perceived as unpleasant or even painful. But the pain is worth it: the connective tissue massage stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, tightens the connective tissue, dissolves tissue adhesions, relieves pain and relaxes the internal organs, muscles and vessels.

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