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Exam Anxiety

Exam Anxiety

Dry throat, sweaty, shaking hands, increased heart rate and trouble breathing are just a few things you might feel if you have exam anxiety. The severe negative self-talk that leads to a complete black-out before writing a test, is something that more and more students are experiencing. We are being faced with a multitude of distractions online. The continuous instant gratification, is shortening and weakening our ability to focus on studying for an exam.

Not only because I work with a lot of students with exactly these issues, but also because I am myself always doing some form of extra schooling, seminars etc. I understand just how hard it can be to keep up, keep calm and come out of an exam victorious. Honestly, self-hypnosis techniques are what got me through the most difficult exams of my life. Even if at the time, I wasn’t even aware, that’s what I was doing. We tend to believe the thoughts we think on a regular basis. If these thoughts are poisonous for our success, we have a difficult time getting through the pressures of learning.

Luckily, it does not need to be this way! Let’s get you enjoying the learning process and feeling proud of yourself along the way!

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