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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy (Ifamt)

For many individuals, pain can be debilitating and deteriorate their quality of life. Physical therapists increasingly use manual therapy techniques to treat both acute and chronic pain. Different manual therapies are implemented for individual patients and their specific conditions, and these methods could help reduce or avoid certain medications, surgery, or other treatments.

Manual therapy is a highly skilled and specialized technique involving laying hands on a patient to effect change in a neuro-musculoskeletal condition. These techniques have been developed over centuries and honed through years of clinical reasoning, research, and evidence-based practice. There are many different types of manual therapy; Myofascial Release, Neural Tissue Tension Techniques, Strain Counterstrain, Visceral Mobilization, Joint Mobilization, Medical Massage, Manual Stretching, improving range of motion, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Mobilization with Movement etc. Manual therapy gets faster results in a more effective way than regular physiotherapy.

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