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Pain Reduction

Pain Reduction

Waking up with pain in your body, then trying to focus on your day can prove to be very difficult, when all you can think about is how much everything hurts. It’s a distraction from living life, it’s self and many people have accepted this as their fate. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to.

Pain can come from many different reasons. If we have suppressed traumatic events, or very distressing scenarios, or even replaying negative beliefs, we can start to see how these things manifest physically.

The strength of pain can only be determinded by an individual themselves. We use the pain scale to help orient how strong the pain is, and how it’s either getting better or worse. Usually we need to do a combination of things like; move and stretch more, get better sleep, improve our diet, and of course take care of our mental health. I have noticed in my many years of being a physiotherapist (since 2012), that the psyche is the foundation to everything else. I have witnessed hypnosis sessions where after just one session, the client had no more pain or tension in their body. Previously, I had to use techniques from manual therapy, massage therapy and much more to help release the pain. To me, it is astounding that chronic pain that has controlled someone’s life for so long can be removed if we clear out the subconscious mind.

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