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Strengthening of the immune system

Strengthening of the immune system

How can hypnosis help strengthen your immune system?

For some of us when we are stressed, we get a cold sore. Others get diarrhea, constipation, a sore back, a skin reaction etc. So our immune system is directly impacted by our thoughts! Can you imagine, your thoughts are so powerful, that they can provoke physical and mental disease in the body! If this is so, then the opposite is true as well. You can use your thoughts to promote healing and improve your immune system!

With hypnosis we can get your powerful subconscious mind to stimulate the functions of the body. You will learn valuable self-hypnosis techniques which you can implement when life is particularly stressful, in order to avoid a build-up of pressure. This pressure needs to be released sooner or later. Later could mean your immune system has weakened to the point of getting sick.

It makes much more sense to free yourself of additional mental stress as soon as it shows up.

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