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Stress Reduction

Stress reduction/burn out prevention

Facing stress each day has become a daily practice for many people in today’s society. The question is how much our mind and body can take until we burn out?

There are several different hypnosis techniques one can learn to help themselves reduce stress as soon as it comes up in their life. The key is not letting it build up and accumulate. Imagine carrying a giant, heavy back pack up a hill. With each step you climb, that back pack feels heavier and heavier. You start to feel physical sensations in your back and neck; your breathing is laboured and other joints are feeling it too. Now imagine that heavy back pack is there, only deep inside your mind, and you dont know exactly what it is. However, you feel the pressure and stress that has been loaded inside of you. You feel something is wrong. Lots of people feel overwhelmed and don’t know the true source of the problem.

Chronic stress is not only stored in your mind, but also in your body. Things like back pain, neck pain, sleepless nights etc, can all be associated with being burnt out. It’s never too late to ask for help. Hypnosis can remove the root cause of your troubles!

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