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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Feeling good in your body is essential. And not next month or next year, today! That is the one thing I notice most about people who would like to lose weight. They either delay starting their weight loss journey because it’s not the‚‘‘ right time‘‘, or, they go on an extreme diet, which is just not sustainable in the long run. Weight loss, is the only topic out of all of the areas I work with, where I offer a package deal for a span of two months.

I offer a special weight loss package of FOUR hypnosis sessions (two per month) and FOUR Coaching sessions (two per month) for a LIMITED price of 1000,00€ instead of the usual 2.600,00€. That's EIGHT TREATMENTS in total! 

We spread them out over two months so that you have the time to implement all of the things we discuss in the sessions. We focus on getting to the root cause of your problems, and how you can do simple and effective things to lose the weight, and keep it off! All of these things come from my 12 year experience as a physiotherapist, and the last few years I have spent gathering knowledge from my hypnosis sessions! My clients sign a contract with themselves, in which it says that they are willing to commit to their own PHYSICAL and MENTAL health, with that putting their own health at priority number ONE. I take commitment very seriously. I invest a lot of time and dedication in making each and every session productive for my client.

Weight loss with hypnosis is a lot of fun, especially since it involves a whole mentality change, and getting a healthy relationship with food!

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